Higher yields with Airsorted Lets

Earn 30% more than with traditional lets

A simple pricing structure


Less than 6 months

Our simple commission structure offers you flexibility and access to all of our management services


+ VAT (14.4%)

More than 6 months

Long lets provide reliable and consistent monthly income coupled with our hassle-free management services with optional rent protection


+ VAT (12%)



Marketing Your Property

Comprehensive marketing is essential to ensuring that you gain the best occupancy and yield. Depending on the length of let you are looking for, we will adapt the marketing to best match your needs. Below are a range of platforms we use to market your property.

The below services are not essential and are typically only required for long lets. We can provide them upon request.

Additional Property Services

Property Inspection 

Energy Performance Certificate

Gas Safety Certificate

Portable Appliance Testing:

Inventory Check-in (cost dependant on size)

Inventory Checkout

Preparation of tenancy agreement

Preparation of legal documents

Court attendance (per hour)





£145 - £228

£96 - £180




*This is compulsory for lets of 6 months or more.

Join other landlords earning more with lets

Jane is a full-time landlord

“Airsorted for me is all about new opportunities to maximise returns and get good value from my property with no hassle.”

Jane's main goal is to maximise income so that she can enjoy her retirement, Airsorted increased Jane's rental yield by 34% through a mix of short and long-term lets. 

Thiago is a full-time landlord

“Airsorted for me is all about making extra money with the peace of mind that my home is in good hands so I’m not hassled while I’m away.”

Thiago lives and works in London full time but often travels for weeks at a time for work, leaving his home empty. He needs regular access to his home and likes the thought that someone is keeping it occupied and safe while he’s away.

Managing Your Property

Our managed service gives our clients an all-in-one, simple service regardless of the length of let. We take care of all of the services listed below to give you complete peace of mind.

We save you time

How much time do you think it takes to manage a short-let property? Our research shows it can take up to 50 hours a month! Our expert team can save you time and earn you the highest returns on your investment, without you lifting a finger.

Airsorted removes all the stress as we manage the property on your behalf. 

The payment from guests is automated and cleaning, laundry and maintenance will be provided by us. All guests will be vetted prior booking acceptance. With us your property couldn't be in better hands.

Do you identify with these landlords?

We asked 1,000 landlords about their main concerns to find that 68% admitted they find managing property more stressful than they anticipated.






Late payment

of rent

Tenants breaking rules

Managing third parties

Demanding tenants

Complaints from neighbours

More Questions? Contact a member of our team with any enquiries: +44 203 389 8886

Airsorted is an independent management service for Airbnb hosts and is not affiliated with Airbnb.